John Lennon - God

"God" is a song from John Lennon's first post-Beatles solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. The album was released on 11 December 1970 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The song was considered controversial upon release, dealing with anti-religious themes.


There are three sections in the song:

In the first section, John Lennon describes God as "a concept by which we measure our pain".

In the second, Lennon lists many idols that he does not believe in, ending by stating that he just believes in himself (individuality) and Yoko (his wife). The idols he lists are: magic, I Ching, Bible, tarot, Hitler, Jesus, Kennedy (which he also sang as "Kennedys", referring to both John F. Kennedy andRobert F. Kennedy), Buddha, mantra, Gita, yoga, kings, Elvis, Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) and Beatles.

The final section describes Lennon's change since the break-up of The Beatles. He states that he is no longer the "Dreamweaver" or "The Walrus", but just "John". The final line of the song, "The dream is over" represents Lennon's stance that the myth "the Beatles were God" had come to an end. "If there is a God," Lennon explained, "we're all it."[1]